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    Surgical Technician

    The surgical technician is responsible for assisting with surgical procedures in the operating room. Their duties include gathering and organizing surgical tools needed for procedures, assisting surgical teams, utilizing aseptic techniques to provide safe, quality care in the operating room in accordance with the standards of care.
    Reports To: Operating Room Charge Nurse and/or Director of Nursing
    Supervises: None
    DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES (General requirements listed are not an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements):
    1.Prepares for the scheduled procedures by pulling cases using surgeon’s preference cards to assure that all necessary supplies, instruments, and equipment are available.
    2. Sets-up required operative fields, arranging instrumentation, equipment, and supplies as appropriate for the assigned case according to the surgeon’s preference card.
    3. Manages the operative field during the surgical procedure in a manner that assures maintenance of the sterile field. Anticipates the needs of the surgeon and other members of the surgical team. Handles specimens appropriately.
    4. Prepares contaminated and clean instruments and supplies utilized in the surgical suite and transports instrumentation to the decontamination area for processing and sterilization.
    5. Assists, when necessary, in the disinfecting, cleaning and sterilization of instruments, equipment, and supplies and in operating room turnover, and terminal cleaning.
    6. Demonstrates complete understanding of established emergency procedures for the Center and performs effectively in an emergent situation.
    7. Participates in the orientation of nursing and ancillary staff.
    8. Follows proper procedures regarding blood and body fluid precautions, handling of hazardous waste and sharps, and use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
    1. Computer experience and an understanding of medical terminology
    2. Strong communication skills
    3. Accuracy, attention to detail, timeliness, and organization skills
    4. Attendance, punctuality, ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines.
    5. Cooperative work attitude toward and with colleagues, management, patients, visitors, and physicians
    6. Ability to promote favorable facility image with physicians, patients, and general public
    7. Ability to make decisions and solve problems
    8. Respects patient’s right to privacy and dignity and maintains confidentiality of all Center and patient information.
    9. Fosters a positive and professional environment by interacting with all persons in a considerate, helpful, and courteous manner.
    10. Assists in any area of the center and/or flexes work hours to meet the needs of the Center.
    1. Possess either a certificate or an associate degree from an accredited surgical technology program or
    2. May receive on-the-job training based on approval of Director of Nursing, OR Charge Nurse and Administrator.
    3. Current BLS or obtain certification.
    1. Ability to lift fifty (50) pounds. Moving, lifting, or transferring of patients may involve lifting up to fifty (50) pounds, as well as assist with weights of more than one hundred (100) pounds.
    2. Ability to stand and/or walk for long periods of time.
    3. Visual and auditory acuity adequate for frequent use of computers, telephone, and use of other office and/or medical equipment.
    1. Category III exposure to bloodborne pathogens and may encounter chemical hazards

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